We provide specialized interpreters that have experience and expertise in providing Interpretation Services for our clients. Our professional interpreter possess understand the complexities of inter-lingual communication and have the skills to bridge the gap in a variety of situations and domains. We provide interpretation in various areas such as commercial, legal, technical, medical, scientific etc.

Our specialized area of interpretation is :

  • Conference Interpretation
  • Business Meeting/Marketing Interpretation
  • Public Interpretation
  • Medical Interpretation
  • Media Interpretation

The various kinds of Interpretations offered by us are :

  • Consecutive Interpretation : In such interpretation, the entire speech is divided in segments and the speech is made one segment at a time. First, the speaker speaks and when he has finished the interpreter renders the same in the target language.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation/Real Time Interpretation : It is a very skill and experience oriented interpretation. In such case the interpreter is in a sound proof compartment and interprets the speech in the target language from the source language and delivers the same in quick succession.

For such cases we require the all the related documents and presentations for translation.

Telephone Interpretation:

We also provide accurate telephone interpretation which is suitable for all kinds of telecommunication interactions in different languages.