EMPIRIC TECHNOLOGIES does financial consultation through telemarketing channel for employed individuals to identify their potential financial investments/insurance. We develop unique strategy/solutions to address our products, create value through sustainable innovation and deliver it to targeted audience. As pragmatic consultants with an eye on execution, we design quality approach towards end customer and achieve market-leading performance roadmaps by combining creative thinking, technology expertise, market penetration and progressive report.

EMPIRIC TECHNOLOGIES is a leading provider of ITES/BPO solutions for businesses ranging from Insurance to Software development agencies. The company provides quality business process services to clients in field. Market penetration is what we focus with captive consultants and quality marketing techniques with assured business volumes. This is because we usually focus in reputation for high quality services.

How we break through the barrier is to have industry veterans with good professional networks in our management structure and opt quality certifications for operations, which act as an assurance of professionalism to potential clients. As a new player, we also participate actively in industry forums that will act as a means to introduce our services to potential clients. By keeping operational costs as low as possible and providing customized solution packages for our clients in order to capture market share and show our strong presence in the industry.

The process of recruiting a employee is carefully handled with multiple screening methods and after which they are still filtered during their training and on floor presence. Every recruit undergoes a vast training on communication skills with various modules on customer convincing skill, objection handling, practical real life marketing, script pitching techniques, on floor training-buddy training and target based planning.

Quality is all we focus within the process, clients and end customers. We strictly believe in “QUALITY IS CUSTOMER”, no compromise in quality is our motto. Which is not only in our profile,we apply it in each and every module of our process flow and program. The company also does outsource manpower to other BPO clients as per the client requirement. Its not just traditional outsourcing, we recruit as per client needs and mould them on basic communication skills, by overcoming objections they face to exhibit their skill set. So that the client gets a recruit, who is ‘ready clay’ for them to mould by reducing their training time and cost.


Achieve productive result into your business and develop innovative responses to your most pressing challenges, leading with an empathetic, human-centred perspective.

Transcend the limitations of traditional outsourcing techniques by combining new marketing strategies, customer engaging skills, customer lead generation and start-up innovations with our core capabilities in tele sales approach, 3C’s, analytics, and real life marketing.

Our sales consultants are entrepreneurial, self-motivated, bold and question the conventional. They own your business challenges, identify new opportunities and reimagine business solutions to help create new market and customers. We are successfully defining, designing and delivering value to customers across financial services, insurance and other investment geographies.